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    anyone had such problems with charge backs due to dishonest renters?

    tomewicz New Member

      I had renters for Labor Day weekend who during their stay on my property received 3 traffic violations from the security guards of the community my house is located (not regular state police) tickets summed up more than $300 (not stopping on stop sign, speeding and failing to stop when followed and chased by security officer )since the driver-one of the renters- left the community borders and this way run away from the security officer the tickets were mailed to my address with their name and plate# as the security had the chase recorded on their dash cam) I emailed the tickets to the renter,paid them from my money and held the amount of tickets from damage deposit. month later i receive email that the customer blocked this transaction in the bank and they questioned the fact i held portion of damage deposit that equals the tickets. i was asked by yapstone to email all conversations and other proofs to proof my point. i sent whole conversation,copies of the tickets and rental agreement (i couldnt send copy of the dash cam video because community can make me a copy only if i have subpoena for it...)but moth later i received email the decision was made against me and if i want to fight again i might be charged with another $500 if the decision will be still held against me. my question is did anyone have any similar bad experience, maybe anyone has wider knowledge on this topic and could help me with understanding this...in my opinion yapstone didn't do best on this in defending host against such dishonest renters...