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    Double booking due to sync issue- any advice?

    astraglam Contributor

      I got a booking for my house on homeaway for a week a couple of days ago and was also in the process of revising my monthly rate at that moment which was half of what it should have been. As I was just done saving the rate, I got another reservation for a full month overlapping with the other reso I just got and at the old rate. I would imaging this was all happening at the same time and just did not get synced. I explained to the guest what happened and that I will not be able to host and asked to cancel. She first asked to stay three weeks but I explained that the rate is also wrong. I called Homaway once and they told me to tell the guest that if she does not cancel, she will not get the fees back (how can that make sense?), I called a few more times and they refuse to take the ding and penalty off because they do not do it for sync issues. I asked to escalate and just got an email that I am out of luck. Any advice on how to deal with this?