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    Poll: leave a review for your guests right away, or wait until they review you first?

    twomoreyears Senior Contributor

      I'm curious as to how everyone is approaching the giving of guest reviews.  I've been reluctant to give a review until the guest leaves one first.  This is because the 14-day clock starts as soon as one party or the other leaves a review, and I'm reluctant to be the one to start that countdown.  Some guests have busy lives, and just have a hard time getting around to leaving a review within two weeks of leaving.


      But another way to look at it is - once you leave them a review, they'll be curious to see what you wrote and will give you one in return.  (At least, that's the theory.)


      So - what do you do?  Review right away, or wait?  I'm not asking about reviewing bad guests or whether the review we can give guests helps or not, just what your approach is to who starts the clock).