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    NOT showing up in search results for "Pets Welcome" despite allowing in house rules?

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      Anyone else having Pet Search problems? 


      So, my VRBO inquiries have dropped off significantly in the past 6-9months.  I have ALWAYS allowed pets.  I finally realized that I could not find my listing whenever I searched for Pets Welcome properties.


      In my dashboard, under "house rules", I do have the pets welcome activated.  Under dashboard/amenities - there is NOT an indicator to allow me to indicate pets welcome as an amenity.  Which makes sense as that data should come from "house rules" and I shouldn't have to activate that option twice.  


      Under OTHER pets welcome listings, the description/amenities does say "Pets Welcome".   Mine does NOT - which seems wrong. 

      However, under "House Rules" on that same page, it does indicate pets allowed.  


      I have called customer service about this 4 times in the past 3 months with no help. They have finally opened a ticket but they really don't seem to "get it"...


      Any help is appreciated...


      Listing ID 851463...