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    Duplicate Inquiries and a Book It Now

    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

      Today, over the course of 10 minutes, while I had just sent my response to the questions posed in the first inquiry, I got a separate second inquiry and then a Book It Now (third email thread) from the same person using the same email address.


      As is my SOP, I viewed the second inquiry and clicked on the email address to stop the clock.  I then moved over to the Book It Now and accepted the booking with a detailed email response answering the guest's questions from all three email threads.  I also advised them that they would be receiving responses to their other emails, and that those responses would be headed with the advice that the rental is not available due to my having accepted the BIN in their THIRD email.  The user actually beat me to the response to her second message wanting to know why the quote hadn't been adjusted.  Well, it had...on the BIN, not on the (second) inquiry thread. Confused traveler?  Most certainly.


      It would be really, really nice if HA could do something about these multiple emails.  I realize that is a carbon based error, but HA should have enough user oriented studies to determine why this error keeps occurring for travelers using their website.


      Added to clarify:  I respond with a separate email to each and every email/inquiry/BIN sent by the guest.  I do not rely solely on clicking to "stop the clock" on duplicate requests. Copy and paste!

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          ohst8er Premier Contributor

          Frustrating.  But not surprising.  So long as there is an "ask owner a question," button on our listing pages, people will hit it to "ask owner a question." 



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              green_mango Active Contributor

              ...but we need that button - guests should be able to ask questions before booking.  In my eyes, this isn't a problem with having the button, but merely an over zealous guest.  ashevillelookout does clicking on email/phone still stop the clock?  I thought you had to actually reply to each inquiry - I would reply just in case so your response score doesn't go down (oh, metrics!). 

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                  timthek Active Contributor

                  No, it is a technical problem on HomeAway's end. Yes, the "ask owner a question" button should absolutely be there. And I don't think guests asking a second question before getting the first answer is unusual at all. It happens all the time where a guest thinks of something else...but HA's system should recognize that there is already an existing communication chain in place and should add to THAT conversation, NOT create a NEW conversation. It is poor design/implementation on HA's part that makes for a confusing and messy experience for BOTH owner and renter. I'm sure this input will be considered and then promptly ignored as the system is "working as designed."


                  Also, I also believe I saw someone post earlier this week that merely clicking emails does NOT stop the clock now.

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                    ohst8er Premier Contributor

                    Yea, we need the button, the problem isn't the button, it's that button on the traveler's side is a harmless "push here and ask the owner a question," button, but on our end it's a "3 alarm, answer within 24 hours or else, this is in an inquiry, have you closed this booking, what are you waiting for????" button. 


                    THAT'S the problem.  If it was a harmless ask me a question button then ash wouldn't be asking THIS question.