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    How would you handle?

    hawaiiparadise Contributor

      We received an inquiry from a past guest we're not willing to rent to again.   Any suggestions for how to respond constructively?   I'm hoping the forum community has some great ideas.


      In case the background is helpful, there were several issues during the past rental, most importantly guest's actions were going to cause problems and when advise declined to cooperate (expected outcome occurred), did several hundred $$ worth of damage, and generally created a mess of things.   Took our team in excess of 20 extra manhours to address everything.   


      Thanks in advance!

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          bushmeadowllc Contributor

          Have you "rated" them yet?

          Did you check the box for "Rent to again" to reflect "Yes" or "No"?

          Did you charge the damages and extra manhours against their Damage/Security deposit?


          I would only correspond with them through official Home Away emails.

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            feibus Senior Contributor

            Mark the inquiry as SPAM?

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              georgygirl1955 Senior Contributor

              I dont see any problem with Honesty.


              "We have received your inquiry, Based upon your past rental stay at our property, we have determined that we are not an appropriate match for your group. Please find a different property that better suits your needs. Thank you. "

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                green_mango Active Contributor

                Honesty - that way they don't try again.  "Thank you for your inquiry to stay at Blahbity Blah.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate your request due to feedback from our cleaners upon your departure after your most recent stay.  Sincerely, HawaiiParadise" 


                I assume you communicated with them after their departure about the damage and excess cleaning?  Perhaps they didn't understand the magnitude of it?  I can guarantee my two groups who have had similar problems would never attempt to rent from me again.

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                  vrdoctor Senior Contributor

                  You don't need to give a reason or excuse, just reply with "We are sorry but we will not be able to accommodate your stay.".  Remember, no is a complete sentence.  If they go ahead and book just call CS and explain the situation and ask them to cancel the booking on your behalf.

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                    linky17 Active Contributor

                    "... several hundred $$ worth of damage" borders on -- if not rises to? -- criminal offense(s).  Clearly, whatever it is that they 'did' is likely to be repeated?


                    feibus observation that they can "just go ahead and book it anyway" is so true.  Then again: another in the original, offending party can do exactly the same thing under a different name, virtually undetected by you, which could negate the 'honesty' that georgygirl1955 + vrdoctor recommend, a principal that I'd ordinarily subscribe to.


                    What I'd do?  Meet this non-desirable head-on, rather than to run the risk of harboring the same group under a different name.  Provide the receipt(s) that substantiated the damage with the initial reply, and with stern caution that repeat behavior will not be tolerated.  Increase the minimum age of the renter.  Reduce the occupancy number.  Double (or more) the damage deposit.  Mandate NO gatherings/parties.  Specify penalty of immediate removal in your rental agreement, per local law.


                    I live very nearby to my sole-surviving VRBO listing, so easy for me to say.  Otherwise?  I'd enlist a trusted 'someone' to keep eyes on your home.

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                      twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                      DO what georgiegirl said and then go back and mark as spam so they don’t bother you further. It does not prevent them from booking another property.  but it eliminates them trying to convince you why you should change your mind

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                        hmmmm Senior Contributor

                        If it were me, I would just say,

                        "thank you xxxx, but I think that there may a better fit for you than our rentals."

                        We thank you again,


                        Then block the dates temporarily.

                        Best Regards

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                            hawaiiparadise Contributor

                            Thanks everyone for your great ideas.  The discussion has been very useful for us.


                            Since we aren't willing to rent at any price/terms, we've decided to go with the suggested form of "honesty" with vague cause, hopefully without being off-putting.  We do know names of the entire party from the last stay and it seems like it is the same group this year.  Risk of inadvertently accepting a booking under another name seems low.  Also we are alert to heavily scrutinize any requests for the same/similar dates.  If the group submits a booking request despite our response we are settled with declining (though will try through CS first to avoid a ding if that is possible). 


                            Our response is now out.   I'll come back later to let everyone know how it went.

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                                calicalling Active Contributor

                                Here's a method you can use to avoid declining if they do come back -- Adjust the quote to ridiculous amount or dates.


                                I once had a group I felt uncomfortable with who requested to book. I didn't want to decline (stupid metrics) so I got advice here and from CS to 'adjust the quote' (increase the booking amount) to something ridiculous and return it under the assumption that the group woouldn't accept the change and go through with the booking. (You can also change the dates and return) Either way, the most likely outcome is the guest will back out and you don't have to take the decline or cancel hit. This only works, though, if you aren't on IB, and it is a Reservation Request, not an Instant Booking.


                                Word of warning tho, I did this once for a group I was uncertain about and the guest actually paid the increased amount -- ludicrous tho it was. I went through with the reservation because for the price they paid it was worth the risk. And--happy ending-- they turned out to be fantastic guests.

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                                  hawaiiparadise Contributor

                                  We are now 2 days since our reply, no response back from the guest.   We believe they booked another property, and if our assessment is correct, one that actually should be better for them.    Seems like a happy ending.


                                  Thanks everyone for your wonderful assistance.