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    Shared Washers and Dryers are no longer allowed listing will be shut down if you offer it?

    bestofboston1 Contributor

      WoW This is unbelievable but never surprised what will be in store next for owners and travelers on VRBO:  


      Got this from Diane who is not just "customer support" but "support Team Lead"  So big muckity muck. 


      "Dear Terry, 


      After reviewing the listings on your account, I have a few questions on the configuration of your suites.  We do not allow listings that contain shared space and it is hard to determine by looking at your listings if there is shared space or not. The video shows a number of configurations which appear to look like the living room may be shared. Also, your listings indicate that a washer and dryer is available in the basement. This is considered shared space and not allowed on our site. Please reply to this email to clarify if you have shared space or not." 


      Diane  US Production/Customer Support Team Lead"



      Our apartments and guest rooms are all private, but guests do share a front door, Lobby, common hall, stairs and elevator.


      Are these items next???