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    Why are these headings located under Rules and Policies? (Manage Email Templates and My Attachments)

    sunnycs CommunityAmbassador

      I realize we have more important things to be concerned about, but I have a peeve...  and maybe it's just me (and yes I'm a picky fool), but this seems like the wrong place for email templates and attachments.  If it hadn't always been grouped with the other headings shown below, I would never know where to locate this.  What you'll find by clicking on the little house icon is okay, but putting these 2 headings under Rules and Policies grates on my nerves every time I'm in this area.  Maybe Templates are not considered overly significant since HA has their own defaults in place?  There's a lot crammed into Rules and Policies.  I can't believe I'm wanting another change when I haven't begun to get used to all the others, but I'd like to see Templates have their own tab, or call R & P something else, and I did send Feedback. 




      Screenshot (41).png




      Here's what comes up when you click on Rules & Policies:


      Screenshot (42).png