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    Hawaii Owners: Please see information about Hawaii laws related to your rental

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      This email was sent out to affected owners on 7/20/18:



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      Dear Erinn,

      To assist our vacation rental partners in Hawaii, we wanted you to be aware of two aspects of Hawaii’s law related to vacation rentals. It states:

      1. Listings must display a registration number from the Department of Taxation in the description field.
      2. Local contact information (name, email, and phone number) must be provided to the traveler before check-in. We recommend providing this after a booking is made through our websites (e.g. dashboard inbox, rental agreement, etc.).

      Read more about Hawaii’s laws here.

      Thank you,


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        • Re: Hawaii Owners: Please see information about Hawaii laws related to your rental
          happyfeet Contributor



          Below I copied the appropriate paragraphs from pg 6 of the link you provided. I think the instruction you listed from HomeAway above is good suitable advice but is not very accurate in listing what the requirement reads.


          (e) The name and phone number of the local contact for each transient accommodation shall be included in any transient accommodation contract or written rental agreement and shall be prominently posted in the transient accommodation. The local contact shall reside on the same island as the transient accommodation, and shall meet all other requirements under subsection (a). Any person or entity who wilfully fails to supply information required under this subsection shall be subject to the penalties under section 231-35; provided that a person or entity shall not be subject to any term of imprisonment or probation under section 231-35.


          In the above paragraph, I don't see any requirement to provide this information to our guests, except in the Rental Agreement and to provide it within our accommodations. Note that e-mail address is not a requirement.


          (f) The registration identification number issued pursuant to section 237D-4 shall be provided on a website or by online link and displayed in all advertisements and solicitations on websites regarding transient accommodations for which the registration number is issued.


          The above paragraph does not say how or where this information shall be displayed -- only that it must be provided and displayed.


          Maybe you could make a distinction between what is required and what is recommended.