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    smart lock with open wifi

    mattdedeking New Member

      Looking for a smart lock but we have no router. Our condo is in a building that provides free wifi.

      Is there a smart lock that works on an unsecured network?

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          3seasbeach Contributor

          mattdedeking yes, RemoteLock by LockState works very well with open WIFI.  We have the same situation at our condo building here on the Gulf Coast.

          We installed their LS-6i almost three years ago and absolutely love it!

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            sage Senior Contributor

            Do you really need/want a wifi connected lock? What if you could get a lock that did not rely on a wifi connection but from anywhere that you had computer connection you could create a unique code that would become active at the scheduled checkin time of a guest and stopped working at the scheduled checkout time? Such a device is the ResortLock. I have had the RL-4000 model for several years and it has always worked. While it does lack the ability to determine remotely when the door has been unlocked I have never felt the need for such real time monitoring, and the unlocking records can be downloaded if needed by going to the lock with a separately sold data recorder.


            I am skeptical of wifi connected locks. Not only is there risk of hacking, there is the risk of losing the connection to the lock if the wifi router goes down or the internet service is disrupted. My wifi router has needed to be reset at least once a year, always at an inconvenient time. Since your lock would rely on an unsecure wifi network that you do not control, the risks seem even greater.

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              denisea New Member

              Wifi is only used when programming/deleting a code or opening the lock remotely.  Once the code is in the system, it doesn't rely on wifi at all anymore.  If the wifi, or electric going to the modem/router, is not working and need to enter a code, I've given them a spare code which I keep active in the system just in case. I absolutely LOVE having a wifi lock and change the code for each guest.