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    Anyone have some suggestions for wording my response to a negative retaliatory review?  Trying to respond to guest's unfounded review but having a hard time keeping it "nice"

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      Any owners have a some examples of how to respond to a review without being emotional, unprofessional, etc?  Received my first and only 2-star rating from a guest who retaliating for part of her security deposit being kept due to damage.  Initially, I only withheld $30 of the $150 deposit.  She became irrate and uncooperative, so I just refunded her the $30 rather than fighting over it.  Well, in response, at Day 14, she gives me a 2 star rating and called the property "fair."  Issue had never been the property.  How do I respond to this without being emotional, unprofessional, etc.?  Also, is there any way for me to go back and now do a traveller rating despite the 14 day period being up.  Don't want future owners to have to endure her craziness.  Welcome any suggestions...