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    Introducing the new payout summary report

    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

      Hey everyone!

      We heard your feedback about our reporting, and we've introduced a new Payout Summary report. Here's a blog post about the update.


      Please check it out and let us know your feedback!  Thank you!


      HomeAway Community Manager

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          hill5185 CommunityAmbassador

          Well !!!


          Thank you


          edited : running this past the accountant before I do back flips

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            feibus Senior Contributor

            Bug in it.  When you go to the page, it loses track of which property you're looking at, so the menus on the left get weird.

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              ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

              This is a nice at a glance per property summary.  However, the details that are downloadable do not differentiate every payout event relevant to a reservation, i.e., the deposit payout and the balance due (final) payout.  So the dates that are listed as payout dates are only the last payout date per reservation, and the payout figure is a total of all preceding payouts and deductions for that reservation.  That facet of this report should be made clear to the viewer.


              I can see where it is useful to owners. It has value.  The associated downlaod is not detailed enough for me, and I will continue to resort to pulling  all of the csv files HomeAway does provide, cleaning them up in Excel and then manipulating them in Access to get the information that I require on a daily, monthly and yearly basis per property.  I use the HA data strictly as a comparison to my own financial data.  I do not rely on HA data for my financial reporting.


              Of Note:  I have two properties, one of which was first listed on HA and the other first listed on VRBO.  I had to log into the dashboard on HA to see the Payout Summary information about the first property, log out and then log in to VRBO.com and the dashboard there to see the data for the second property.  I often have to switch back and forth to get all the data I need for my properties as the dashboard is not totally merged.

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                brunelleaj New Member


                I downloaded my Payment history for Jan 1- Dec 31 2018.  And I SUMmed each of the the columns. I then compared these to the HA PayOut summary for exactly the same date range.   Obviously there are many more columns in the Payment history but a couple of them are the same title as in the PayOut summary.

                However the "Payout" dollar figures did not match (difference of $1,110.50)  and the "Deductions" dollar figures did not match (one is $1950.30 and the other is $1910.80) . Why?  BY HA descriptions on how to read these two reports they should be the same in each case.  Can someone explain why two different summary methods from the same meta data set give different results?

                I have read many folks disgruntled by their own numbers not aligning with HA numbers. But this time it's two reports from the same HA data set giving different numbers for the same line item.

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                  psphoto Active Contributor

                  The link takes me to a Squarespace page for login.....????

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                    kmcbhense Contributor

                    I get  a website expired when I click on the link above