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    Ranking metric gone horribly wrong?

    sward6880 Contributor

      I just checked our ranking metrics and although as usual they make little sense, one of our rentals is ranked  42,213  out of 37,394  !!!


      Is anyone else seeing similar nonsense? Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 12.57.12.png

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          Mine's annoying, but not totally nonsensical.  Your rank should inspire you to call CS to get it flagged for the developers to figure out.

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              charliepotatoes Contributor

              Charley Says; I am in a market of 2482 homes.  I have been ranked 40-50  in the Ranking Metrics for the last several weeks. Was in the 250 range for six months before that. At the same time I was "exclusively invited" to be a premier partner.  I am not interested in the "Exclusive Offer". I have been given a deadline to accept. 


              The last two days my ranking declined to 1216 our of 2482 almost a 50% decline in 2 days. I am #1 in Cancellations Decline and Response.  Just accepted another booking yesterday.  It appears to me that VBROs system is deeply flawed.  I would be interested in comments from my Techie fellow landlords. Thanks for your response. Charley.

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              ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

              It appears that your competitive set is the entire eastern seaboard.  Good luck with that! 

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                ohst8er Premier Contributor


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                  margaret CommunityAmbassador

                  New math?

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                    feibus Senior Contributor

                    So this happened overnight:


                    At this point, best I can figure, it's faith-based rankings, since I burned dinner as an offering to the gods last night....


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                      captmarkhd Senior Contributor

                      My ranking does not make any sense either, I am 1 out of 44 properties (very small rural region, HA is allowing hotels to advertise in my area to boost the VR's) in my market yet in my placement checking both without dates and then with dates selected, checking both near and far out dates my actual placement is number 12.


                      Update I just looked, even though my metrics have been consistent over the last three weeks, number 1 in almost all with the exception of cancellations I've dropped to number 2 in my market overnight. How can I drop at all when all of my metrics have not changed and have remained completely the same?????


                      Also, in regards to cancellations, my cancellation metric has risen 3% points because my 365 day accepted bookings have dropped as they naturally fall off. This will be interesting to watch as like many of you I have a prime season from Dec-April which means that most of my bookings occur during the late fall. But cancellations happen throughout the year which means that  my cancellation metric will also be the highest in the late fall which will transversely mean that my placement will be the lowest during my prime booking season.


                      What a Cluster (you fill in your favorite word) these metrics are....

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                        timthek Active Contributor

                        Ranking metrics is an absolute piece of worthless garbage. HA would do well to throw the whole thing in the trash where it belongs.

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                          greggt Senior Contributor

                          Well I just got off the phone with the PP Customer Service to try to get an answer on why my listing dropped from the 1st page to next to last in my grouping all in one day. I explained I was going to be caught in a never ending spiral where both my page views and bookings were going to continually go as I was virtually invisible which will cause my listing to be forever in the cellar.

                          Answer: The sort feature is working as designed.....I do have to add the CS lady was very nice and professional even though I was not happy with the answer.

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                            feibus Senior Contributor

                            So this just happened to my two (identical) properties....


                            That's since 8 am today.  I think someone at HA is messing with me.

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                                captmarkhd Senior Contributor

                                That's crazy!!! Raking metrics is such a badly flawed experiment, it would be laughable if it did not directly effect our business so much.

                                My ranking and my placement has dropped significantly in the last 48hrs as well for no apparent reason but not as bad as yours.

                                My market rank went from #2 out of 54 to #5 and my actual placement went from #12 to #27, not much of a drop in numbers but by percentage wise that's over a 15% drop, again nothing has changed for me, my last reservation was about 10 days ago. Well that is not entirely  true, because my calendar is booked and I keep receiving more and more bookings for 6-9 months out I keep falling in placement due to my calendar not having a lot of availability, so my page views and search impressions are horrid!!!


                                   In regards to my calendar, June I am completely booked with only 3 available nights, July I only have 12 nights booked, Aug  only 10 nights booked, Sept-Oct I am 100% available and then from Nov-March i have very little availability.

                                So my question is how far out does HA look in regards to your availability and the penalty drop in placement because I have loads of availability in the next 120 days????

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                                  I was at 16 until yesterday when it went to 33 with a new booking added. Today:

                                  Market rank

                                  70 37

                                  out of 2,814