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    What is the Most Successful Listing Site for your Vacation Rental Business?

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      Just painfully slow to edit...especially on weekends? Try to search your property like a prospective guest might, we have to be losing dozens of inquiries because who would wait (sometimes more than a minute per page). In 7 years, HA has been the most successful rental site for my 2 properties - started originally way back with my fav - VacationRentals.com. After HA bought VacRentals.com, the site fell off the radar abd I wave since let 1 property renewal lapse and will let the 2nd lapse as well. I will most likey let my HA accounts expire as well. Even though they get me the most bookings, I think their site should be faster than 'dial-up'. I will have to do my homework, I use 3 other pay rental sites as well plus Google's Adwords. Sorry for the honesty, but the HA site has been slow for years now - I even called them once, the potential is there. I use the 3 top browsers and have the fatest cable Internet. Cudos to HA for this forum...I wish them all the best so I can do all my best. Regards, Jim