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    Please help Not sure what to think !! (SCAM OR NOT A SCAM )

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      Ok here goes ! Any Advice gladly Taken  i booked a villa in tuscan hills for xmas/new year 2012/2013 Paid my deposit  To then find out a week later the listing removed  I was told the calendar was full which i understand , I emailed the so called owners a few times with no joy  as i was after all the info and pictures of the villa  to send to my husband who is currently fighting the war in afghanistan  i finally got an email back from the so called owner to say they would email me the pictures the following AM but nothing  and nearly a month later after i went through paypal to request my money back as i was feeling something wasnt quite right  they emailed back acting like they hadnt done anything wrong  So i did a little digging as the emails were coming from a company email address so googled the company name  and the owners came up as the same people i had sent payment to and emailed  but i came across some web pages which really  through me for 6  They had been on trial 6 months ago for selling stolen items  which i think is still ongoing  bail was sat at $50000  each for husband and wife  so basically im not sure what to do as i could carry on paying for this villa to get out to america at xmas to realise ive been totally scamed or cut and run and try and find another ! dont get me wrong i know people can turn over a new leaf and all that but because ive never come across this before im not sure what to do ive contacted homeaway and they dont seem to be much help PLEASE HELP !

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          This does not sound good.   Responsible owners are careful about staying in touch with their guests.   Have you contacted the customer service department at the website where you originally found the listing, e.g. Homeaway.com or VRBO.com?  The customer service people can tell you if the original owner had his or her mail hacked -- which often results in the web site taking down the listing.  If they haven't heard of any problems, they can try to contact the owner directly.  


          Since you paid through PayPal, you have some recourse and can to get a charge back through them. 


          Good luck, and post again here when you figure out what is going on.