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    Is it legal to advertise: "Adults-only" ?

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      My property has been designed as a quiet retreat. My focus market is baby-boomer couples (although I occasionally do get some singles).

      Purposefully, my 3 units have only one bed.

      So, my question is: can I legally advertise my vacation rental units as "Adult Only" (guest minimum age 30+) without fear of being sued for family or age discrimination?


      Anyone who has received legal counsel on this please reply. If it varies between states, Hawaii, please reply



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          my two cents is - I think you could get in trouble, yes. However, we have one condo that we advertise strictly as 'two guests only'. Well, one guest is fine too, but you get my drift. In two years of renting, we've only had one child stay (it was a mom and her daughter). I do get inquiries from families, but always refer to the two guest policy. Good luck.