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    problem on listing landing page

    wishing4wind Contributor

      I had someone request a quote and I went to my listing landing page to make them a quote. My landing page had changed to have a search bar at the top, and when I typed in dates, it immediately navigated to a vrbo search.


      When I direct my guests to my landing page, I need them to be able to put in their dates and see how much it costs, instead when they put in dates at the top, they are navigated to my competitprs! There's some kind of glitch, because the new landing page did not show the price for the stay for the dates I selected, and there was nowhere on the page a button to "book". I navigated to my competitors landing page, and they did not have the search bar at the top, and they had a price block to the right that allowed the user to enter their dates and it would show the cost of the stay and allow them to book. This was completely missing from my landing page.


      If someone can tell my why this happened, and how I can prevent it in the future I would appreciate that! I have had to turn off my paid ad campaigns until this is resolved.


      My landing page has no price block to the right. The dates are available. There's nowhere on the site where I can see the cost of the stay or request to book. If I type in new dates, it brings me to the vrbo search results showing my competitors.My listing should NEVER be displayed without the ability to see the price of the stay and allow the guest to book! I am paying for ads to direct customers to my site when they may not be able to book when they get there.

      initial screen with search header.jpg


      This is my competitor's landing page. No search bar at the top, and the price block shown to the right where guests can type different date ranges and see the cost of the stay as well a book by clicking the "request to book" button.

      initial screen my competitor with price block.jpg