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    How long to wait for a returned rental aggreement before asking about it?


      It was an IB for 1 Saturday on Merioral weekend. My fault I had a 3 day minimum on every other site, but I missed this holiday on HA. I have checked to make sure all other holidays everywhere are right now. We sent him the agreement very early (4:20 AM) the next morning after filling in our areas. It's now 6 days and nothing. Most return it in 24 to 48 hours. I have that it must be returned before entry codes are issued with ID and CC and told him this in the message that I sent it with also. His booking is a still 17 days away. I am hoping he cancels after reading it. Also thinking of telling him not to worry about the squad car parked at our place when they arrive as others we alarmed.


      We have a bad feeling about this group and will keep a close eye on them all through the night of their stay. It's for 10 adults and 1 child, when we asked "Will you be needing a high chair or booster seat ? Where is the reunion being held so that I can leave you precise directions to the guest house , we’ve had issues with guests finding us at night." His reply "Sure a high chair would be appreciated. We are meeting near the river walk. Do you live near the property? Where do we find the keys?" We replied "We will have a high chair available . There are three houses on the six acres and yes we live in one. River walk is about 25 to 30 minutes away."

      I'm thinking I need to add it needs to be returned with in 72 hours of booking to my listing for future bookings with ID and copy of front and back of credit card we require. Any advice welcome.