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    What happens when the guest enters a bad email address in their account?

    ambidextrous Active Contributor

      Yesterday was the second occasion when I got an inquiry from someone who did not have a valid email address in their inquiry. It was simple to see the error, the address was [name]@gmail.co -- not ".com".


      I would assume that this is the address that the guest used to register, and I wonder if they ever get replies from me since their email addy is wrong. In this case I don't care, since they put in no dates and wanted a season rental, and I could have written to them off the platform... but the question remains: do new users of the site need to verify their email address as a working account before they can make an inquiry? If not, they surely should!


      And Erinn, while I have your attention -- is there any though to allowing us to specify a maximum length of stay? Every year as ski season wraps up, I get a bunch of inquiries to ask about season rental -- which we almost never accept. If I could put in a 30-day max stay in the dates, that would eliminate the need for me to turn people away, or alternately, drop in some reserved dates in the middle of next year that block a request.