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    n-th question on PropertyRank!

    surgerygalore Contributor



      with no change in the metrics parameters shared with us, my ranking metrics stable since its inception at 80/10000 went down to 800/10000, one order of magnitude decrease

      inquiries with CS led no where other than

      1.  generating an escalation to a supervisor that would call meat an time of his/her choice, hard/illegal/unethical to reach a surgeon in the operating room - a message would be left, typically "we called you,call back teh 800 CS number if you need further help" - this endless loop occurred twice - the third time:

      2.  a supervisor by the name of emmanuel finally came on teh phone when i explained the dynamics of the previous responses, told me he would escalate to "Production" and send me an email with ticket number - never heard from him


      not sure the above has anything to do with proprietary algorithms - question is very legitimate:

      1. if the parameters that are shared with us are meanigful, then no drastic change in property rank (an order of magnitude in my case) could possibly occur w/o a proportionate change in the values of teh shared parameters (in my case these parameters did not change) - or

      2. the shared parameters are not controlling parameters, i.e., while a componet of the property rank, not a very important one


      thks for your insights on the CS loop and on teh PropertyRank dependency and threfore meanigfulness of the parameters shared - sorry for typos, not proofed

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          ohst8er Premier Contributor

          Allow me to speak for everyone on the forum....



          Seen it

          Experienced it

          Escalated it

          Beat my head against a wall over it

          Analyzed it

          Discussed it

          Frustrated by it

          Over it


          I think that about covers it.....

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              timthek Active Contributor

              "Sorry, we don't talk about our ____________. That is proprietary company information. Check out this blog about improving your rental."

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                surgerygalore Contributor



                thks for your reply host8 (mispelled)

                love the philosophy, ensures long happy life


                not frustrated in the least

                actually very amused if i may say


                not sure

                what the predicate is in the official (?! reply: is it a srtaight underline? 

                nor how it addresses the loop that the system creates whne it hypothesiezes that you will be available 24/7 for a supervisor to call back - is customer service protocols-looping company proprietary information?

                follow this blog: which blog?

                to improve the rental? who said anything about improving the rental? yes it could use a few more olive trees, but i'd need to be there for that


                further, communication theory 1.01 states that not addressing the points of a question is not considered a reply, rather a dismissal - and diismissls are considered failure to address teh issue/s at hand - in a debate team competiton such as in college you would be disqualified!


                it seems these issues are managed as well as the FB crisis

                i will pass this along to fellow harvard grad in HA


                your response fully apropos and seemingly right on target host8 (spell.?, sorry)


                have agood 1 gals/guys

                not proofread sorry

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                homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

                Hi surgerygalore,


                Thank you for sharing your experience with trying to get help on this. I have reached out to the Resolutions Team Management and asked them to be sure this is followed up on. Thank you.



                HomeAway Community Manager

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                    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

                    Good Morning All,


                    Multiple comments have been removed by myself in accordance with community guidelines, the comments on those comments were also removed. I've unlocked the thread. Let's move on.  sugerygalore  has posted the outcome on another thread.


                    As a reminder: Community Guidelines.


                    Thank you.



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                        surgerygalore Contributor

                        hello everyone,

                        the original reply i had posted as a new thread while erinn was doing maintenance on this one, follows for completeness of the record

                        i must add hi ambidextr. and

                        I must say a bit byassed towards academia in New Engalnd, though not as good/fun sports teams!

                        my preferred in the mid-west, ND

                        sorry, i know this will probably decrease some rank, who knows may be a parameter with some weight in the decision tree/model, the mathematical approach/base to the often quoted "algorithm"

                        a pleasure reading all of you

                        and w/o typos, sorry for mine OH St


                        soon again!



                        hello hill, hi erinn, greetings & salutations everyone


                        call w nadja, thks erinn, somewhat surreal at times for both of us i am sure, yet relaxing, thks nadja

                        * she confirmed HA supervisors to be very occupied beings, contrary to clients must be the inference if the conclusion is that calls are initiated at the discretion of the supervisor, even for escalations not requested by the caller - so question answered but problem unsolved

                        * property now appears on searches, contrary to  what emmanuel, also a supervisor of the sort had stated a couple of days ago - he had told me he would escalate to Production - the threat only of that must have sufficed for the listing seemingly now behaves

                        * market ranking and relevance of shared metrics parameters remain unanswered - a bit of poetry in the probability and statistics world actually not such a bad thing - no more climbing ladders there i assume (scala = ladder in latin, hence escalation)


                        my original question in this thread converted itself to Assumed Answered - not responsible for the conversion, i expect/hope no one will ask me what the answer is

                        we all know the saying, very common and lethal in certain activities, "if you assume something you make an first-three-letters-of-the-word of yourself"


                        Again, thks erinn and nadja, ohst and hill, for their contribution and insight

                        best to y'all, sorry for typos not (really well) proofread

                        happy sailing in a starry sky

                        over and out