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    Previously marked as spam?

    psphoto Active Contributor

      Today, I received this message in my Inbox as an Inquiry:

      5 Nights

      2 Guests

      No dates submitted

      Aloha - we are professional filmmakers visiting Oregon who create YouTube videos and update still photos for vacation homes! To view our most recent videos, go to YouTube and type vacationhome visuals in the search bar. Our channel comes up as the first result. To see some examples of videos and stills we've done for owners on Kauai and in Santa Cruz on VRBO, see listings 4XXXX and 3XXXX. We're offering our first clients a discounted rate of $300 for video, $300 for stills or $500 for both together as a package. Not sure if you've been notified yet, but VRBO/Homeaway now allows you to put 50 photos on your listing and they are encouraging owners to replace older photos with new hi res versions. When you next sign in to your listing, check edit photos section for notice. Once the video is on YouTube, it can be placed on your website, VRBO/Homeaway, Facebook and sent in emails. We hear from owners that adding videos and updated photos improves positioning on the listings and answers questions they get asked all the time about the layout & location. We look forward to creating some magic for your beautiful home soon! Much love, Derek & Kat

      7 minutes ago

      I immediately marked it as spam....since it was nothing more than an unrequested business solicitation.

      Once I did...I got this message:

      "You previously marked this message as spam."


      Then why did I get this again people?

      I mean....if it was marked as spam some time in the past.....why is it appearing again?

      The spam process also warns that if you mark too many Inquiries as spam, you may not be allowed to do so in the future.....

      If Homeaway/VRBO punishes owners, but doesn't successfully filter known previously marked spam....then the system doesn't work!

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          u0999 Premier Contributor

          Interesting. I got 4 (four) separate inquiries from the same person yesterday in the span of 2 minutes - someone soliciting work (cleaning VRs). I marked all as spam. That was about all the activity I got, and much of April is still not  booked at my 4 bd

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            homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

            Hi psphoto,


            That's not my understanding of how it's supposed to work. I've reported to tech support. Thank you.



            HomeAway Community Manager

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                homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

                Hey psphoto,


                So, to follow up.  We looked at the logs and looks like you may have double clicked the "report as spam" button, as the first one happened March 14, 2018, 05:43:19 PM CDT and the second happened March 14, 2018, 05:43:20 PM CDT.  That's why you got the "You previously marked this as spam".


                Also, to clarify, when you mark something as spam, it is simply removing it from your view in your dashboard. It does NOT block that email address.  If you have someone sending solicitation inquires, you'll want to report that to Customer Support so they can confirm and take action to prevent that email address from soliciting anyone else. We have done so with the the one that solicited you. Thanks.


                u0999 - We have taken action and on the email address that was soliciting you as well. Thanks for reporting.



                HomeAway Community Manager

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                    psphoto Active Contributor


                    Don't think I double clicked, since that would have taken me to the next window, but who knows.

                    Thanks for the followup though....I'll make sure I report the spam next time directly, but I'm not sure if it wouldn't be simpler

                    just to have it reported as a matter of course. That way it's not wasting our time with an extra secondary step...

                    The spam noted above was pretty obvious, and could have been flagged at the customer service end without my additional involvement.

                    Just saying'!