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    Hello I'm happy I find this site

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      Hi there friends, I am thinking of buying an umbrella for my garden. I have just recently bought a house in Florida and it has a garden but it is not so big. My friend suggests me to find one here, https://www.umbrellatime.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=83. May I ask you if what do you think? Thank you so much!

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          Hi auramoore,


          That's a nice website for umbrellas.  You can also buy them at big stores such as The Home Depot and Loews...any store with garden furniture.  Prices vary,  of course, but they can last a long time if you select the right quality for your specific location.


          Learning from my own experience -- when I bought my first umbrella for one of our rentals, I didn't think it through.  I since had to change because it was the wrong purchase, We have very strong sun in my area and the first one not only faded quickly, the fabric broke down and wore out --- it tore  {and it wasn't a cheap one...so we were pretty miffed}.  When I replaced it, I considered my local environment - weather, sun, sea, rain, wind.


          So, think about exactly where it's going to be standing all it's life:

          • quality fabric -- strong   resistant to sun and mildew (unless if your garden is shady -- and you don't have much rain);
          • one that tilts (this is a benefit when the sun moves);
          • sets into a stand {instead of directly into a center hole in a table) so you can move it where it's needed;
          • has a vent opening so the wind passes through it (unless there is no wind in the area where you will have it) --- our first one was "uplifted and taken away by a strong breeze" and it ended up in the driveway.
          • consider the pole (wood or metal). If your area is very windy --- strong winds, the wood poles can snap {we had that experience);
          • we prefer a handle to raise and lower the umbrella --- trying to push up a big umbrella can be difficult, otherwise.