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    New issue -- guest communication-- listing number not searchable

    calicalling Active Contributor

      Ok, new issue. I've seen this complaint from other owners on FB forums, so I don't think its just me. This is not my listing which is part of the Hidden Listings A/B test, but another one altogether.

      lost guest.jpg


      homeaway_community_manager and anyone else who can make suggestions:

      1) what is going on with this? glitch? issue? A/B test?

      2) any suggestions for mitigating this issue for guests in general or this one in particular? clearly, she is frustrated, and rightly so. She's been trying to book this for her daughter's wedding for at least 2 weeks. We've exchanged several messages and I've offered suggestions for how she could search including listing numbers, headlines, etc. She is messaging me through a listing which is rented by other family members for the same wedding event. They referred her to me.

      Thanks in advance.