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    Just venting for guests who want Ritz Carlton amenities in a moderate priced VR

    scowol Active Contributor

      A guest just checked in 1 hour ago, and sent the following email:


      We are safely arrived.  House looks great.  I was trying to watch a basketball game on ESPN2 and my wife was trying to watch HGTV in the bedroom, and DirectTV said that was not part of the subscription.  Seems odd to not have these channels as they are pretty standard.  Can you get this fixed? 


      I provide the standard package that has a few hundred channels and also HBO.   Apparently, the good old regular EPSN channel is not good enough and they need ESPN2 (do I hear ESPN3 or ESPN4 anybody?). Based on this guest's remarks, these are "pretty standard."   I guess I'll see if I can get DirecTV to add a few channels added temporarily and take the financial hit. (sigh).

      Oh, BTW, my listing clearly states in the TV programming that the house has "standard basic television programming with HBO provided by DirecTV."  I stated that in the hopes it would avoid this type of guest expectation to subscribe to 5,000 channels and take out a second mortgage to pay for it.    Silly me.  Traveler's don't read.  They look at pictures and click to book.