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    Best Method to Respond to Inquiries with Flexible Dates (Solved)

    scowol Active Contributor

      So I just had a former guest send me an inquiry on VRBO asking if the house is available for a couple of date ranges for later this year.  Because their dates are flexible, they submitted the inquiry without dates (they checked the "My travel dates are flexible.").  Anyhow, I replied back that it's currently available and they are welcome to book on VRBO.  The traveler wrote back stating that she is confused by my response stating that it's available and also saying it's not available.  I wrote back and advised her it was indeed available.


      Well, after sending my second reply back, I read the CC copies that HA sends and low and behold see why the traveler thinks I'm a total moron.  Of course, I sent her the third message which once again has the "I'm sorry.  My property is not available" to explain to her that I didn't write that, and that VRBO inserts it, and to ignore it and that the property is truly available (that is assuming that she's still bothering to open the email at this point that keeps saying it's not available).  Ugh.


      Why on earth is HA inserting this negative message at the top of replies to inquiries for date-less, flexible travel inquiries??? Please.  Stop.  Just stop.


      I try to be professional in my correspondences with guests and not bash HA/VRBO, but it's hard to defend this type of automation that creates massive confusion.


      vrbo propertynot available.JPG



      My inbox preview (which the guest also likely sees...)