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    The 100 Mile Basket

    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

      Hey All!

      Go local! Give your guests an edible insider's guide to your area with this terrific basket! Check it out here.


      What do you do to go above and beyond to show your guests a local flare? Thanks!


      HomeAway Community Manager

      **Disclaimer:  Providing food of any kind for your guests may not be legal in your area, please familiarize yourself with local laws before using any of our suggestions. We know you're smart savvy owners who will abide by all local regulations/laws.**

      ***This post and this series of videos is intended to inspire you to go above and beyond for your guests. We're not in any way telling you you must do these things. Please take our intentions into consideration before responding to this post. Any comments that violate community guidelines will be removed without warning.***