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    So nice of homeaway to discount my property by 60% without notifying me upon my renewal.

    edapostle Contributor

      Just got a booking request and noticed a 60% discount on the price!!! Homeaway signed me up to discount my property without asking or notifying me. My prices are already as low as I can go to make a profit and offer a reasonable rental. So generous of them to offer up my house for even cheaper.


      I love the awkward conversations with potential renters trying to explain that I dont actually discount 60% off. It ruined one ladies Christmas gift to her family. They picked out the house together and were all excited. Without the discount it is over their budget. Now what? Am I supposed to rent my house for 7 days for a price I normally charge for 2 just so Homeaway can collect their service fee?


      This site is getting ridiculous.


      So disappointed. So frustrated.