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    Has anyone ever used Vrotels.com

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      Hi All,


      I'm wondering if anyone has ever booked with them, I'm new to rentals and we are a group of 7 coming from overseas looking for an apartment in Manhattan to stay at but we are unsure of all these options that we have found. What we want to avoid are scams.


      Has anyone dealt with them before? or if you have any suggestions of properties that you have stayed that would be of great help!

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          Hi kattymae,  sorry that my response is coming very late to your question, But, I had the misfortune of dealing with Vrotels.com once, when I visited Manhattan.  It was the worst apartment rental experience I have ever had, I have rented apartments across the US and  in Europe also. The apartment was in a bad state, the wifi and TV did not work properly, the sink and shower did not work properly, and we had a very noisy rodent infestation.  We complained but to little avail.  Vrotels attitude was that rodents are something that everyone in Manhattan has to deal with. They set a few traps and that was it. Of course we then had to deal with the rodents that were captured.  At no time did Vrotels even hint that they might compensate us for our experience.