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    Question about filters for VRBO/HA reps

    skiandglee Active Contributor

      I see in the filters section you can add a filter by bedroom and or sleeps X.  However, for some reason you have limited the choices.  i.e. Sleeps 9+ is the highest number you can choose.  Well in my area it goes 2 per bedroom + up to 4 more if sleeping arrangments are provided.  So a 9 occupancy would be a 3 bedroom.  Pretty much not useful at all if you have 10, 12, 14 in your group.  You can choose the 9+ and that eliminates the 1 and 2 bedrooms condos and thats it.


      Then there is the bedroom filter, it stops at 4 bedrooms.  why?  There is room beneath it to add 5 and probably 6 bedrooms without modifying your current spacing.  If you have a 5, 6, 7 or 8 bedroom house (there are plenty in my area), you are forced to look at 4 bedrooms and up.  That muddys the waters up pretty good when you need a 5 bedroom or bigger house due to 14 occupants.


      See what I'm saying?  If you have 14, you can add the 9+ sleeps filter and the 4+ bedrooms filter and you still have a boatload of properties in the 4 bedroom range that muddy up your results.  No need for that as there is a filter right there and the implementation just fell short.


      Hopefully you can have the web developers there simply add a couple more options to the html source and the filter engine.


      Also, I would love to see an "average star rating" ala amazon.com.  Then you could have a filter that says only show me 4 star and above or only 5 star properties etc.  Maybe have a minimum of 5 reviews to qualify to have a star guest rating.





      p.s. I noticed a "kid friendly" filter so I pressed it and it eliminated one of my properties from the results.  I went to the listing editor and could not find any option to choose kid friendly.  I went to the one property that did qualify as kid friendly and searched the vrbo page and could not find "kid" anywhere except in my guest comments.  Can you elaborate on how that filter is supposed to work? 


      p.s.s. Found the kid option, it was "children welcome"

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          iopbeachhouse Active Contributor

          Excellent question. I have the same issue with number of bedrooms and people we can sleep. Haven't looked at the kid friendly issue. I need to check my page.

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              anja Senior Contributor

              This is NOT a question specifically for skiandglee or iopbeachhouse...I just want to keep it in the same thread for "FILTER".


              Comments from anyone are sought.


              One observation that I have with the filter is a "search category" that I find  missing.  HA included search choices for "location", "property type", "features", "bedrooms"...with multiple choices for each.


              People have their preferences for all of them. But...why is there no filter option for PRICE range? There are travelers who look specifically within their budget range -- irrespective of specific features or property types.


              Therefore, is PRICE a filter that is missing from that list?


              - Ref. Location: a beachfront -vs- golf rental will have a price difference.

              - Ref. Property Type: a castle -vs- a studio will have price a difference.

              - Ref. Features: pool -vs- no pool will have a price difference

              - Ref. Bedrooms:  1 bedroom -vs- 4+ will have a price difference


              Travelers may find it easier to begin to filter for the price point they seek, as a start.


              It can naturally be assumed that if a "budget" traveler chooses "house" and "sleeps 2+"   there will be mixed prices to weed through...some out of their desired price range.


              Narrowing the search more for "ocean view" and "swimming pool" still  can give a mix  of prices.


              For example: my location is very diverse -- my State has 6 very different islands --- a mix of beach front, ocean front, ocean view, beach view, mountain view, golf rental -- and the prices are as varied as our climate zones here, e.g. they are all over the map.


              When travelers search here in my State, many are using PRICE as a starting point. That's because affordable accommodations in prime locations are important to many travelers. There are many such locations around the world.


              If the filter were to include PRICE option, the question would be how to cover the budget traveler, the mid-range traveler, and the luxury traveler?


              It could be price ranges on a scale low to high. Below, I'm just offering an example to illustrate my idea and the figures are off the top of my head - don't take them as my price point suggestions. The price range is open for comments...but what about the idea?


              Price per night:

              under $100






              Price per week:

              under $1000






              What say you about adding PRICE as a filter?

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              susaninrehoboth Premier Contributor

              If there is a filter for price, it would need to have a secondary section that must be selected based on dates. Most VRs have different rates depending on the time of year. I don't want to get inquiries from potential guests looking to rent during high season and only viewing the lowest rate is during.