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    Annual Maintenance

    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

      Hey All,


      What do you do for annual maintenance and cleaning of your vacation rental? Let's discuss!

      Thank you in advance for your contribution to the conversation.


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          ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

          Most of our maintenance is done quarterly, or every time that we are in residence.


          However, annual maintenance is:


          Heat and Air Conditioning servicing

          Fireplace and chimney cleaning

          Well pumps and filters checked

          Pump out septic tanks and rotor rooter lines

          New gravel on driveways

          Check roofs, eaves, gutters, downspouts

          Replant and mulch all flower beds

          Power wash decks



          And that's just for starters.....

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            feibus CommunityAmbassador

            Annually, our home gets a "deep cleaning" that is a 3-day process of going through every item in the home and cleaning it thoroughly.


            In terms of maintenance, that's ongoing and we visit 3-4 times a year to replace and update "comfort" items in the home.  Monthly, we have ongoing maintenance and cleaning.

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              twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

              Erinn, I found the lists on here so very helpful, I have printed them and even put copies out for my cleaners to see. That was one of the first things I found so very valuable on this site back when I started.

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                u0999 Premier Contributor

                Every 3-4 years

                have exterior logs/siding and decks bleached , power washed and stained


                Every 2 years

                Replace piston ring set in iron filter and water softener



                have exterior and fixed interior windows washed

                replace batteries in smoke alarms

                replace batteries in door locks

                have gas log fireplace serviced

                deep clean


                Every 6 mos

                replace refrigerator filter

                remove ashes from the firepit

                HVAC service



                Fill softener holding tank with salt to the top

                Oil door locks and door hinges

                Flush the iron filer, softener, run through cycles

                Inspect for all small items (shower doors, bathroom valves, stoppers etc)

                Run the microwave exhaust filters through the dishwasher


                Every 4-6 weeks

                HVAC filters replaced

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                  mike-dfv Senior Contributor

                  In addition to things already mentioned by others, I flip the mattresses in the fall and rotate them (head to foot) in the spring. Also at that time, all mattress and pillow covers get washed.

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                    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

                    Thank you to everyone who's answered so far. I'd love to hear from more of you!





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                      margaret CommunityAmbassador

                      Twice a year

                      HVAC & Plumbing inspected & serviced

                      Replace batteries-remotes, smoke alarms, door locks

                      Replace all light bulbs


                      Three times a year

                      Deep cleaning

                      Wash windows

                      Turn mattresses

                      Wash all bedding- mattress pads, comforters, bedspreads, blankets, etc.

                      Clean blinds-wash curtains

                      Wash windows

                      Repair or replace anything damaged or lost

                      Touch up paint where needed


                      Throughout the year we have whatever repairs or maintenance that is needed done by others and of course the housekeeper is cleaning regularly. We have found visiting 3 times a year to deep clean and do updates and repairs keeps our properties in better condition.

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                        hrwi Contributor

                        We're only about six months in, but here's what we're doing this spring:


                        Touch up paint

                        Launder curtains

                        Clean septic filter

                        Wash exterior of windows

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                          homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

                          Hi again everyone!


                          I know there are a lot more of you out there lurking!


                          We'd love to hear what your maintenance routines are. Thank you!



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                            homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

                            Hello All!


                            Thank you so much for the great responses so far. We'd love to hear from more of you!



                            HomeAway Community Manager

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                              Annual is not enough, we do quarterly:

                              pool chemical analysis etc

                              linen and towel check and replace

                              check door hinges and locks of closets and drawers to see if broken

                              pool deck boards - replace or screw down, reseal

                              paint front steps

                              paint interior to cover marks (almost weekly)

                              analyse water bills to see if there are leaks in the garden

                              remove large fronds from palm trees

                              check for termites in bushes within 200 yards

                              New beach chairs and umbrellas

                              External check for repairs

                              Replace smoke alarm batteries

                              Aircon servicing

                              Cistern water level (more like weekly)

                              Make sure gardener has trimmed bushes, hedges

                              Remove lots of garden waste, fronts etc

                              Restock to maximum the cleaning materials, toilet paper (this is constant but will do a max check if busy weeks ahead)

                              Ad hoc stuff which takes 3 times as long as expected

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                                  thaxterlane Premier Contributor

                                  Yes, exactly.  ad hoc stuff which takes 3 times as long as expected 


                                  No matter the detailed list for a house "audit", be it a monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance, there is always something more - or unexpected - and in my experience it will require supplies, parts, or a repair for which I haven't the resources  . . .


                                  In a locale with limited suppliers, maintenance can be a challenge.


                                  Over the years we have learned it's best to stock many extras on site including a wide variety of cleaning supplies, a selection of hardware, appliance parts, an assortment of plumbing and electric supplies, etc.


                                  The list, the tools, and the supplies have grown over the years.   The number of tasks which need to wait for our next visit, due to a lack of tools or supplies, has dwindled.