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    Ukraine scammers still working overtime!

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      I, too, received an inquiry from a Nicole FXXXXX (fXXXXXa@live.com) for a rental of my home.


      The typical red flags:  flexible on the week, house too big for 2 people, check being sent for more then asking price.


      I strung her along for a few weeks asking for more info, a signed contract etc.  I have no intention of depositing the bad check but want to find a way to stop her from attempting this again to others.  Is there anyone I can contact, or do I just call it a day.


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          has anybody heard from a Vladyslav GXXXX from the Ukraine? He actually called and talked to me regarding my rental since I did not respond, nor did I receive, his inquiry. Makes me a bit suspicious that maybe VRBO is blocking him for the SCAM? His story is his parents, sister and two kids want to stay for a specific 18 days...next month. I've gotten the other emails about checks and refunding and sending too much $ etc. but this ones seems legitemit (sp?)...even gave a phone number when I asked? Just doing my homework...I hate to stereotype the Ukraine citizens but...?