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        Did the individual first sent you an Inquiry Email through your VRBO or HomeAway ad? Or did the individual emailed you directly without going through your ad?

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          It was an inquiry through VRBO first. Funny thing, "she" never asked for a contract, which is standard, or any other info. They sent a cashier's chek to my name, and I eas to deduct the rental amount and send the rest to her travel agant using Western Union. I refused, and instead offered to send a cashier's check to the "travel agent" who, to my surprise, was not in the US, but in Ukraine.

          I did deposit the check but my bank contacted me and said it was not good. However, they may close my account. I'm ok with that, but it will be a hassle re-arranging all the automatic payments and all.

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            Here's the letter


            From: Liudmila Dyakonova <dyakonova99@hotmail.com>

            Subject: RE: Inquiry from Dyakonova Liudmila - Jun 15 to 22 - Listing #142384

            Date: Thursday, February 23, 2012, 11:12 AM



            Good afternoon


            I am sorry for all the delay in payment .

            There was a mix up in the payment sent to you ,I was suppose to receive two separate payment one for you and the other for my traveling agent But all payments was issued in your name and sent .

            I tried to correct this but it was in vain as i was ask to resolve the problem myself. It would have to go through a very long process to change this error . Please I don't know what to do.

            I have been advised me to contact you since these checks where issued in your name , so you should be able to clear them into your account. As soon as you have the checks cleared to your account you are to deduct your rent and remit the balance to my travel agent Please do let me know how you can help on this issue .


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              And these are their instructions after I did not wire the money:


              please make a bank transfer from your bank 



              ACCOUNT NAME : John Toyin Steven



              Accout Number;4149 6050 5112 4675



              ACCOUNT HOLDER'S ADDRESS :  33 FRUNZE, KIEV,   Ukraine 92014



              BANK OF BENEFICIARY: PRIVATBANK, , Dnepropetrovsk,Ukraine


              BANK ADDRESS : PRIVATBANK, street Chelyuskintsev, 14,Lugansk,Ukraine,Zip code 91000


              SWIFT CODE: PBANUA2X





              INTERMEDIARY BANK:



              JP MORGAN CHASE BANK






              7TH FLOOR BROOKLYN NY,11245 USA



              SWIFT CODE : CHASUS33





              CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT : 0011000080









              Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 14:29:31 -0700

              Subject: RE: Inquiry from Dyakonova Liudmila - Jun 15 to 22 - Listing #142384

              To: dyakonova99@hotmail.com


              Good afternoon Ms. Dyakonova.
              Unfortunately, I will not be able to wire that money to Ukraine. I can however, send a cashier's check to Ms. Cora L. Teed, who I guess is the person that purchased the cashier's check for you in Texas.


              I can also send the cashier's check directly to John Steven in Ukraine. Using Western Union will force me to provide too much information and I, like you, feel uncomfortable doing so. Please let me know if my proposed arrangement is something we can agree on.




              --- On Tue, 3/27/12, Liudmila Dyakonova <dyakonova99@hotmail.com> wrote:

              From: Liudmila Dyakonova <dyakonova99@hotmail.com>
              Subject: RE: Inquiry from Dyakonova Liudmila - Jun 15 to 22 - Listing #142384


              Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 2:31 AM


              Thanks for the updated information .




                       Here are the detailed instructions on how to remit the balance to the travel   agent.

                        You are to   remit  $2743 to my  travel agent via westernunion money transfer   with the information below


                  RECEIVER'S NAME :  JOHN STEVEN 

                       RECEIVER'S ADDRESS : #31 , GALUGINA 18 , GORODOK , LUGANSK 91002 UKRAINE

                       Send Amount


                  Western Union Fee


                      Total               $2901


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                You’ve been dealing with a known scammer. Just type in "There was a mix up in the payment sent to you" or “Ukraine” in the search field at the top of this forum. I’ve seen that same email no less than a dozen times, word for word. Contact support providing them the individual’s email so their email address can be entered in the “scammers list” so next time it is used for sending an inquiry, it will be blocked.




                How about doing a search

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                  When VRBO/HomeAway routes the Inquiry to Owners, I understand the email address of the Inquirer is matched against their “Scammers List” and blocked from being sent if there is a match. However, if there is no match, I wish they would show the “IP address” and “City & Country” (based on IP) of the Inquirer. If it points to a known location (based on IP address) where Scammers operate like Ukraine, include some type of a warning. Scammers can easily change their email address or create new email address as often they desire, so blocking inquiry based on their “Scammers List” is not effective.


                  Providing Owners the Inquirer's "City & Country" (based on IP) is also a good tool for Owners to use in considering the validity of what the Traveler says he/she is at.

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                    There should also be a means to verify Owner’s email address (or Property Manager) at the property website listing to allow Travelers to verify if the person they are communicating with is the Owner (or Property Manager). I was thinking of a data field where Travelers can enter the Owner’s email address (they are communicating with) and it will come back with a “yes” or “no”. This will put a stop to phishing scams.

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                      This posting, on May 17th, 2012, is to let those on this board know that this scam is still alive and kicking.  I recently received an inquiry from the Ukraine from an "Amanda Wheeler."  Sent me the phony check from Wells Fargo Bank of Hialeah, FL.  Given that the amount of money was for so much more than the reservation, I called the bank in Florida to verify the check number and the amount.  The bank could not verify the check.  I did this before checking this forum because there was a typo at the top of the check: "This document has an [sic] watermark printed on the back."


                      I'm 99.999% sure that the printer of the check would not allow grammatical errors on their checks.


                      Beware, people.  It's still going on and will continue as long as people send them money.

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                          They have hit again and used the name of another VRBO owner.  Caught it early.

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                            Thanks for letting me know.

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                              I am receiving scam requests about once a month. They seem to be getting a bit more polished, but one thing consistent with them is they do not mormally include a telephone number. Once I see that this is missing I take particular attention to the request. Just a thought for all of us out there!

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                                Here is my scammer: I didn't even know till I sent them a quote!


                                Thanks for the updated information.

                                We are okay with the accommodation and cost.I would also like to confirm the reservation .

                                Our information is as follows


                                Name : Mr & Mrs D STEPHENS

                                Address :14 obaronaya

                                nove ivanivka

                                kharkov Ukraine.


                                I will arrange for check/draft payment to secure the accommodation

                                Please do forward to me the following details for payment

                                FULL NAME

                                BILLING ADDRESS (not P.O.box )

                                CONTACT/MOBILE TELEPHONE NUMBER

                                Hope to hear from you soon



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                                  I just received this exact scam!!  "Renters" name was changed, but everything else is exact!  I have the Cashier's Check right here and will NOT be cashing it and following thru with her instructions tomorrow.  So glad I checked this forum!!!

                                  Thanks everyone,


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                                    I just received one also. 


                                    Larissa Bushmeleva

                                    12A Ubilenaya Street, 87209 Kiev, Ukraine


                                    Thanks for the posts!

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