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    Force Group Network is a No-No!


      Has anyone had the misfortune of subscribing to Force Group Network? They hook you by saying they will refund your fee if you do not get any reservations from their site. Not only no reservations but, no enquiries in a year! They said I would receive my refund in 90 days. It has now been 6 months and still no refund. Phone calls are met with, "Noone is in the refund department right now. I'll have someone call you back." Never heard from anyone. Check them out with Better Business Bureau. They were kicked out because of the huge number of complaints.

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          No, I have never heard of this enterprise/company.  However, based on the actions they have shown on refunding your money.  I would cut my losses, and hopefully you did not renew/auto-renew.   My philosophy has always been, 0 x 0 = 0.    So, I don't care if you have a price/service refund guarantee, it doesn't do me any good, extending a useless service, if my ROI = 0.  Well, I hope you get your money back.  Read the fine print/disclosure, as you might be able to dispute it with your credit card company/bank.  Just pray, that they don't change their terms and conditions, and refund policy. 

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            I have been searching out on line a group called "Unitedinuniform.com" and read about scams very much like the one presented to me by two HIGH PRESSURE female sales persons on the phone.  One of the replies said that the organization "Unitedinuniform.com" operates much like The Forcegroup Network and is very likely one and the same. Supposedly started in England and moved to US 5 years ago.


            They use very high pressure tactics, promise a 100% money back guarantee. They start out asking for $1499 for a lifetime membership. If you hold out, it drops to $1099 for lifetime membership, then how about a 5 year membership for $999. Then 3 year membership for $599, but if you sign up tonight you get it for $500. If you are still not hooked they ask you to say how much you are willing to spend and then try to nail you on a one year membership for $299. The catch is that you must sign up NOW because when this phone call ends, your opportunity goes away.


            I am a very wary person and NEVER sign up for anything without researching it first. In this case, the "Supervisor" finally ended the offer and hung up when she realized that NO WAY would I sign up for anything right now without thinking about it first.


            My ear still hurts from a very long haranguing session on the phone. My only wish is that I had hung up on them 30 minutes ago instead of them on me.


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