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    These forums are great & we should be respectful of one another

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      I've noticed a recent trend in these forums for some to be less than kind in how they respond to others. These forums are not designed to be a "chat room" where we attack one another.  I've found these forums informative, and a great place to share our concerns, questions, etc.  (And on occasion, yes, we've vented about guests that cause us to lose sleep, make us crazy, or make us laugh.) 


      We Owners are a diverse group and combined we have a lot of knowledge that we willingly share with other Owners. Some have high end properties, some have multiples, some use PMs, others use various contracts,payment methods, etc.


      I realize in today's world many think it's okay to be less than civil. However, we are all in the hospitality business. And, my friends, civility starts at home.


      My hope is that we'll all remember that we should be kind to one another, offer encouragement in an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds, and  offer kind dialogue.


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          I couldn't agree more. It is very discouraging to come onto the boards and see all this name calling and mean spirited comments.


          I think that people are emboldened to say things over the internet that they would never in a million years say to someone's face. We need to always think about what we are saying....if you wouldn't say it to their face, then why in the world would people think it's ok to say it in a public forum.

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            Good distinction you made, Msdebj.   The "chat room conversation" can be very different --- you're right in that.  I do not participate in "chatting" ...too much emotion ...too much estrogen...too much testosterone in the "chat rooms".


            I don't believe that any of us here bully each other or act superior ...which is why I like the tone of this Community.   And, I like the diversity among us, you mentioned that.


            Insults and name calling are obviously not wanted here...{I know what you're referring to specifically} but I think that has only happened one time since I've been a member {as far as I recall}But, what can creep into a thread sometimes is also the act of..."challenging each other" ...to be proven to be "right" ...and although I believe that it is not bad to challenge, it's the manner... it could escalate ...and become uncomfortable.

            This is not a 'chat room" where people want to be "right" and so they "fight".  Thank goodness for that.





            “(...) being right all the time acquires a huge importance in education, and there is this terror of being wrong. The ego is so tied to being right that later on in life you are reluctant to accept that you are ever wrong, because you are defending not the idea but your self-esteem. (...) this terror of being wrong means that people have enormous difficulties in changing ideas.”  .... Edward De Bono, PO