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    Travel Rental Network ?


      Anyone familiar with this organization? Any experience, good, bad, other? They also claim to work with travel agents.




      Told me I can list for 349 cdn$ for 16 months.  Best part is I can advertise all three of my units on same ad. While not good for every owner it is good for me as all three units are on the same property and makes it easier for a traveler to compare or even choose more than one unit. I originally wanted to do this on VRBO, but apparently that "feature" is reserved for pm's and not owners.



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          I had not heard of them before.  I did a quick internet search and looked at their website, as you have done.  They are headquartered in Montreal and have a "partnership" with Flipkey/Travel Advisor for discounted rates if the property is listed on both sites.  TRN does not appear to have very many listings.  They only have 99 listings for the entire country of Canada.  In the part of Maine where my property is located, they only have one listing (VRBO has hundreds for this same area).  I think that potential renters will be drawn to sites that have more listings.  Also, as you mentioned, Travel Rental Network seems to target travel agents.  Personally, I want to deal directly with the potential renter so that I can screen them myself.  Advertising 3 units for $349 for 16 months is not a bad price, however.  It might be worth taking out an ad for one year and see how many rentals it generates.

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            In July/August 2012  Travel Rental Network offered us a 2 year listing for $350. We thought the focus on travel agents would target a market not covered by HomeAway so we listed our Disney Florida villa with TRN.

            Unfortunately it has proved to be a complete waste of time and money. 

            For the period July 2012 to December 2013 we have received a grand total of 3 inquiries, all for dates that were already reserved via HomeAway.


            Here are the stats:

            HomeAway Dec 13 2013  Search for listings " Disney/Orlando area"   =   7,316 properties, 

            HomeAway  Inquires received  July 2012 - December 2013                        630  inquiries


            TRN   Search for listings   "Disney/Orlando area"                                      180 properties

            TRN  Inquiries Received July 2012- Dec 12 2013                                         3  inquiries


            You do the math!

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                you got 630 inquiries in about 15 months? you must do a lot of 2-3 day rentals. i got maybe 330 inquiries this yr on at least 12 k page  views

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                    July 2012 (17 months)  to date we show 11,199 views & 632 inquiries.

                    No 2 or 3 night rentals. Our minimum rental period is 4 nights but we do not accept reservations for <7 nights if they create any gaps in our calendar. In general we don't accept any reservations that create a 2 or 3 night gap.

                    We turn down quite a few inquiries but enjoy a very high occupancy rate thanks to great reviews we get from our guests.

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                  Dear all



                  I was unfortunate and paid Travel Rental Network for an annual subscription. They promised to provide huge inquiries and bookings based on their reach to IATA agents.

                  After 16 months subscribed, I received ZERO bookings from them. I complained and they gave no refund.

                  I was robbed, don't be!



                  Good luck, Olivier

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                    They called me four times wanting me to advertise with them. In my town HA - VRBO has 292 listings as of today. They have "0". Of course they said that would be beneficial for me as I would be the only one that travel agents would go to. I said that if they would give me 6 months free,and if I got a single booking from them, I would buy a years worth of their most expense listing. They said they don't do business like that. I said if they did not have faith in their business to produce results, then why should I. They stopped calling.