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    How many of you have "extra"  back up bedding?

    msdebj Senior Contributor

      I've always stocked at least 3 sets of sheets per bed in our home that our housekeeper only has access to. We provide a washer and dryer in our home for guest use.


      This summer we're heavily booked, often back to back, with 4 hour turn arounds. I recently purchased "back up" comforters/bed spreads - just in case. While they are not what's depicted on our photos, they all match our decor.


      I did this to ease my brain, in case someone really messes up one of our duvet covers (and the comforter they cover). It can take more than 4 hrs to launder a comforter, and we have 7 beds.


      Do you think guests expect to see the exact bedding as shown in your photos when they arrive?


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          sophie Senior Contributor

          I've often thought about this since I too, have at least 3 sets for each of my beds.  Sometimes, I will purchase 2 duvets that are identical so if one gets dirty, I have the other. Something else I do is try to purchase the same color family/style of bedding so if I do have to change it/wash it, it still appears somewhat the same as the photos. All my bedrooms are color themed so it makes it a bit easier.


          I am a stickler for my photos.  If I change one thing, I take a new photo.

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              thaxterlane Premier Contributor



              I agree, it's smart to buy two items that are similar in appearance to keep with the color theme or overall decor of the room. I will sometimes buy two identical items for this reason, especially if the item is a good price.


              But, I also do not hesitate to use an item that compliments the room but may be a new color or pattern or style. 






              I don't think guests need to have the exact bedding shown in a photo, although I don't think you can rule out a guest having a negative response because the room looks different. 


              Personally, I don't think I could tell you what color the bedrooms were in the houses I have rented, whether I try to recall the phoros or  my stay.  I do recall which houses were most comfortable, clean, and welcoming.  I recall if a house was attractively furnished overall, not the comforter on a particular bed. 


              I don't view a change in decor as a negative, but other  people might.   It seems foolish, in my opinion, to expect the rooms to be exactly as pictured in a photo.  I'd like to think guests would appreciate an updated bedroom  and not view a new comforter, bed skirt, or coverlet as a negative. 


              But, I could be wrong, and perhaps I should post some new photos.  I've taken down valances in the bathrooms and painted the white window frames a lovely shade of blue - a fresh and contemporary look.  My guests have never mentioned the differences between the photos of the bedrooms (or any other aspect of the house) and the actual bedrooms/house.


              My style is somewhat eclectic, it may be my guests simply can't distinguish a change in the bedding or decor!

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              carol Premier Contributor

              I have about 2 1/2 sets of sheets and a few extra mattress covers, but just one set of blankets and comforters.  I don't think I'd have storage space for extra blankets and comforters -- I have 10 beds and closet space is at a premium.  If I had to replace a blanket or comforter, I guess I'd take a quick trip to the store during my changeover time.  


              It never occurred to me that guests would complain if a bedspread changed!  My goodness, would they prefer us to leave a stained or soiled one instead of replacing it with a fresh new one?  As long as the quality is the same or better, surely that is good enough.

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                iopbeachhouse Community All-Star

                We have 2 1/2 times on sheets and towels and an extra coverlet for most of the beds. I, too, worry that if anything is stained in our 16 weeks of same day turn arounds there might not be time to get it laundered or even replaced. I love 700 miles from my rental and depend on a dedicated staff of people who help me, but the summer will be crazy and anything I can do to help with the turn over is worth it. We built small locked cabinets into every bedroom closet and keep all the extra linens in there.

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                  New Member

                  We have two properties with 2 King and 3 Queen beds that we have been renting for over 5 years.  We have 2 spare sets of sheets/duvet covers for each bed so that our gem of a housekeeper can accomplish a four hour turnaround, and one spare comforter, blanket and sheet set (plus pillows) for each size bed in our owners closet.  We use duvet covers on all of the beds, especially for guests that bring pets because we are aware that no matter what our contract says about pets and the furnishings, pet owners often sleep with their pets.  When I take a bedding set out of the rotation and add a new one, I always take a picture of the newest bedding and post it.  But that does mean that what is pictured is not necessarily on the bed when the guests arrive.  So in my reservation contract, which the guest receives prior to putting down their money, I have a clause that states that the linens provided may be different from those pictured, but will be of the same brand and quality.  Only once have I had a guest call because the comforter was not the one in the picture!  Fortunately, I had her look inside the duvet cover and the expected comforter was inside.

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                    I have extra linens and covers. I don't care if they match the photos or not and they have a 1/3 chance that they do. They match the room and decor and are of the same quality. My house is spotless, I go above and beyond to make the experience really comfortable and beautiful, but I also try to I try to screen out guests that would be actually care about something that doesn't matter.

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                      When we decided to do VR, I figured that it can't hurt to have everything in duplicate - so when I buy bedding, always on sale, I buy two sets of the quilt/coverlet + shams, or duvet cover + shams, to have on hand in case something needs to be taken out for cleaning between guests.   For the bed we currently have using duvet covers, I keep two extra duvet inserts on hand in case the stain went all the way through.


                      For sheets, I just bought a ton of white sheet sets and continue to buy as I find them on sale to have in storage for back-up since I know at some point the ones we're using all the time are going to need to be pulled out and no longer used in the VRs.  When we started this, I made the decision that all sheets and towels would be white in all the houses so that we can use any of them in any of the houses and I can bleach the heck out of them if I need to.

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                        stjvilla Active Contributor

                        We have doubles of sheets and bed covers and triple the towels.  The extra set of sheets are in the bedroom closets and there are plenty of towels, but many are put in the locked closet as guests tend to use every one if you don't do this.  When we "retire" a set of sheets for minor issues or just because we want a change, they go into the closet as back-up in case our housekeepr needs them in a hurry.

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                          mudstump Contributor

                          I have three sets of sheets for each bed.  Extra shams for the large european pillows and two bedspreads for each bed.  I also have one and a half times the number of towels I can have out for guests just in case someone uses a towel for makeup removal.  Just bought a set of six hand towels for makeup removal and the last guest used my good white towels instead....go figure.

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                            thaxterlane Premier Contributor

                            No, I don't think reasonable people expect to see the exact bedding, accessories, and details of decor pictured in the listing photos. 


                            I have severa back up comforters, duvet covers, and sheet sets for our four bedroom home for the reasons you state - laundering time on a tight turnover schedule.  And sheets can rip and stain and must be discarded or towels must be recycled.  (Vacation house towels go home with me - my family has the most mismatched  towels imaginable). 


                            I think changes in bedding and accessories that are in harmony with the room as pictured are fine.  A change in theme - nautical to rustic, or color - blue to tangerine, could be an unpleasant surprise but barring such major changes I don't think it's a problem.


                            But, I did reference reasonable people . . . .