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    HOMEAWAY speaks with Forked Tongue

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      vrbo was thee BEST

           then HOMEaWAY  Bought  vrbo  and then they all became corporate 


      Greed mentality  HomeAwAy lets guesgts/  renters post anything they want to Lies and false comments

      and  the renters get to trash our homes  with LIES and made up stories NON   truths  and worst


      I complained to Homeawa about false staTEments made by very bad renters for months i conctacged HomeAway with lies

      and  Homeaway  did NOtghing to protect us the owners alowing  these clowns  to ruin  our  ratings and have false statements posted  NOTGood


      HomeawaY is a gross Greedy corporate non caring monster feeding our our money and  the owners work hard to have a rental with NO support


      Down with forked tongue Homeaway


      i read hundreds of simular situations on these blogs to NO avail


      what can we do

      what can be done?


      we dislike Homeaway and miss the original VRBO who  trusted us and allowed us to delete      FALSE comments


      up yours homeaway good name AwAy  true words they are taking our rentals away from us and stealing for themselves


      up yours and worst BAD  Karma too you corporate creeks


      American  Indian s  uniting Geramamo