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    Sharing great example of dealing w/a recent guest's issue

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      Over the years I've learned much & enjoyed sharing with other owners so I wanted to share another "first expereince" I had.


      This past weekend we had guests for our town's Annual Historic Homes Tour. It was their 1st time back to the Island since Hurricane Ike put our beloved Island underwater (Yes, indeed-- it was horrible, but we are BACK, better than ever,,,,, well, at least we are trying!! ). 


      Anyway,  they checked in Thursday,called to say they loved our home. Friday evening they called to say the power was out.  I called our power company, who confirmed it was a typical "post Ike" transformer matter, & that they hoped to have power restored in 3-4 hours.   I called our guest back, explained the  situation, and even offered to put them in a  hotel room for the night in an area NOT affected by the issue. (WE DO have a hold Harmless clause, but sometimes you just have to do the right thing). They declined my offer.


      Bottom line- power was restored in 1 hour, guest was ok, & even offered some of his design planning skills (he does remodeling designs as a profession), for FREE because I was so responsive.   After he returned home we spoke and he even laughed and said 'We'll be back. We now really GET IT! It takes time to repair such a disaster, and we feel as though we were whining about silly stuff " . He'd walked outside & talked with the power co. crew making the repairs to the old transformers....


      His response brought me to tears, of gratitude.


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          Kudos to YOU!       It's credited to you that this turned out well for everyone.  Communication is *everything*....it's what can turn any situation around -- in either direction.  Good communication is one of our most effective means we have, as owners, to save an experience [and save our reputations] -- especially owners who live far from their rentals. My hat is off to all those owners who manage from afar . I know what I go through but I live nearby and having a physical presence is a great advantage -- so I can appear on the scene to help with anything, and that usually creates good vibes between us.


          I believe that it was not only your responsiveness, in this particular situation, but your graciousness towards your guests that resulted in turning around this bad situation...even though the el. power was out for a very short time.  They knew your "hold harmless' clause...they read it.  But, they experienced you as human and sympathetic.


          I love the fact that you, in spite of your 'hold harmless' clause, offered to help your guests over and above what you were "contracturally" obliged to do.  This made an impression on them.   Things go wrong during vacations --- much of the time it's out of the owner's control.   It's those situations that "test" us...we can always fall back on a "hold harmless" clause...{it could be justified in some cases]....or we can respond actively.  As long as we are responsive in the most constructive way, just about any situation can be worked through successfully for both parties. It's been my experience.


          That good outcome was to your credit!



          I have done as you did during an "event" that was out of my control...and had success as on outcome.  We had a major earthquake here a few years ago....my place was not structurally damaged...but the el. went out...no phones... things inside were "shaken" up....quite a mess inside.   There was no evacuation order imposed....but my first instinct was to invite my guests to move to a hotel -- for a period of time --  while I cleaned up the units and inspected that everything was okay.   They all turned down my invitation...they wanted to stay. The units were equipped well for any emergency.  They pitched in to help me get stuff back on shelves, clean up the food messes ...fridges opened up and spilled everything out, TV's  on the floors, etc..,  and then they continued to enjoy their vacation.  One of the couples came back the next autumn....the other returned two years later...and they all remembered the good things about their stay and focused on the solidarity we had during the "event".