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    Have you added a floor plan to listing?

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      We would really like to have a floor plan on our HomeAway and VRBO listings.  Any suggestions on how to do this?  Is this a feature the sites might add in the future?


      Our house has 2 master suites but can sleep 7.  We get quite a few inquiries from 3 couples which isn't ideal as the extra beds are twin couches more suitable for kids in the party.  If we had a floor plan, it would be clear to those looking at the house.

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          lrbaldwin Active Contributor

          You could add a floor plan as jpegs to your images on VRBO.  If you already have a floor plan, just scan it and convert it to jpeg.  VRBO's image size looks to be big enough to handle that.  I used Photoshop and Dreamweaver to make a floor plan with hot spots that I put on our personal site.  It's interactive such that when you click on a room or area, you will be taken to a page with pictures of that area.  You could also just do a hand drawn floor plan and scan it as a jpeg.  VRBO does allow you to have 2 links on your listing, so you could actually make a whole page for the plan if you have some place to host it.  Here's what mine looks like: ChatterboxToo Interactive Floor Plan



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            carol Premier Contributor

            I used Paintshop pro to make floorplans of each floor, but any drawing program will work just fine -- do you have any drawing programs on your computer for your kids to use?  You can also use PowerPoint (insert shapes) and then save the picture as .jpg.   I display them on my own webpage and find that guests really appreciate them.  Here's an example.  floor1.jpg

            I do love the idea of making the floorplans clickable.