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    PayPal probably saved me a big headache

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      I had a last minute request to rent our home (we live here full time) by a group of 8 Stanford Univ students wanting a retreat over this coming weekend. OK, we can accomodate that, I replied, asking for more information on the group, while doing an internet search on this gal. It all seemed legit. I even spoke to her on the phone, asking about her major, what the group did, and where she grew up.


      Our normal process is that we move out of our home, to a second place nearby, when renters arrive. This time, however, we will be out of town for 4 days, and I was making arrangements for our long term gardener/caretaker to come to our home 2 - 3 times a day to make sure that everything was OK. I sent this gal an invoice. She didn't get it, she said. So I sent another one to the President of their Stanford group. He didn't get it, she said. She communicated that another student will send me the money, by the name of Ian.


      Paypal sent me a notice last night that this transaction, generated by Ian, was under review. This morning, I was notifed that the transaction was cancelled due to suspicous circumstance, and the PayPal security system not being comfortable with the sender of the funds or the email address. Turns out the email address was entirely different from Ian's name: "Ashir" or something similar. The gal and I corresponded again, and she replied that they spent over 4 hours trying to figure out the PayPal system. Huh?


      I cancelled her contract, and am hoping that now that they have our address, that they don't show up to our home while we are away. (they don't know the key code).  Whew!