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    What experiences with small "gyms" inside the vacation rental?

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      Hi I am renovating and furnishing a new vacation rental right now. it is a big apartment in the center of Vienna, and it has one very big bedroom (35m² or 375 sq.f). I was thinking to maybe put some gym/training equipment in one of the corners of the room.


      My questions to those of you who have this at home:

      1/ What are the must-haves in this department? Which are the most used equipment you have, or the most asked for by guests.

      2/ What percentage of your guests do you think actually use the equipment?

      3/ Do you think this equipment has actually brought you bookings?

      4/ Was it worth the investment?

      5/ What would you change if you were to do it all over again (for those who answer yes to question 4...)


      The flat, because of size, location and equipment will target the upscale market.


      Thank you for your answers!!