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    alternatives on Hatteras Island, NC?

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      Are there any alternatives to the realty company property management services handling cleaning and maintenanace of our home in Avon, NC? We are currently using a private cleaning and maintenance company to take care of our beach rental but they are costing us thousands of dollars. Each month it seems they managed to bill for well over $1000 even when the home isn't rented. Does anyone know of another private housekeeping/maintenance service that can take care of our home? We really don't want to have to resort to using one of the realty company property management services at a cost of 19-20% commission. HELP!!

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          Hi trishann,


          I've been to the OB once and had a great time.  Loved it!  Hatteras Cabanas I think!


          If you are self renting you just need a local independent  property manager to check your house when it is empty and to interact with guests when they have a problem, and a separate cleaning company to exit clean your place. 


          The property manager should just charge a weekly fee.  My PM charges $25 per week if it is empty and $35 per week if I have guests.  The cleaners should just charge when they clean.  Mine get $125 for a 5 hour "standard" turnover (3 bedroom, 2 bath).  Anything extra is deducted from the deposit. 


          Go to Craigslist, North Carolina, Outer Banks, Services and search house cleaning. 


          If there is a local paper or pennysaver check the classified for PM's and cleaners.


          Other OB owners may be able to suggest specific managers / cleaners.


          When you hire these types of service people realize you may need to replace (fire) them periodically till you find the right ones


          Good luck!



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            I use a similar set up as kiawahcottage (by the way, I think we are neighbors since our house is on Isle of Palms). I have a guest manager (South Carolina requires a license for Property Managers so we play the name game). I pay her $200 a month to do whatever is needed while guests are there and be my inspector after every guest leaves and the exit cleaning is finished. It has been great since she has found small things like batteries needing replaced, clock alarms left set, doors and windows not locked etc. Our cleaning crew is wonderful. I pay more for exit cleaning since we have a 6 bedroom home ($250). We also have a maintenance company that is on call if there are any problems. When we first bought the house, a management company had been running it. The house was dirty and many things needed repaired. They nickled and dimed us every chance they got. Once time they charged us $25 to take a broken chair off the porch. We have done much better taking everything over ourselves and we live 700 miles away! Best of luck to you!

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              We're on Hatteras Island and use Shore Details, they take care of all our services and have for 4 years.  It's been a great experience.  Our guest reviews have been great and have never had a problem, I think they are in Buxton or Frisco.  You can find them on the web too.