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    The Power of Social Media and Photos

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      I am a firm believer that social media should be used primarily for customer service!  But what if someone has yet to stay at one of your properties?  Posting photos of your properties is a great way to pique a potential guest's interest. Here are 5 places to post photos:


      1. Facebook page: With the new "Timeline" look, properties look better than ever! The best way to show off a property is to download photos taken from your website and simply upload to your Facebook page.

      2. Twitter: When tweeting, be sure to provide a short teaser and attach the photo to your tweets. Here's an example: "Is doesn't get cozier than this..." and attach a photo to that tweet.  Try using a "cliffhanger" that entices the person to see what you're talking about.

      3. Pinterest: This is the hottest social network for females. Create a board centered around each of your properties or create a board that has a different theme. Use intriguing descriptions that will make people want to share the photo.

      4. Instagram: This is another popular network that has been around for a few years.  Are you walking by one of your properties at dusk or dawn? Snap a photo and share it.  Find those times of the day where your house or condo looks most breathtaking.

      5. Blog: Photos of a particular property make for a great blog post.  You don't need a whole lot of text to convey the beauty -- simply post the photos!


      Where else do you post photos to share with guests or future guests -- social networks or websites?