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    Another scam!

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      Beware of emails from "Over House Trades <over.housetrades@gmail.com>". I responded to rental property in Menlo Park, CA and corresponded by email, regulary for a week. I received a rental contract with the "Carefee rental guarantee from HomeAway"... and the suspicious part was that I had to wire money to the following.



      Bank Name: Barclays Bank

      Branch Address: 23 EUSTON ROAD, LONDON, NW1 2SB

      IBAN: GB25BARC20106203822508

      Account Number 03822508

      Short Code: 201062

      BIC: BARCGB22


      I called the number listed on the website, and the real property owner knew nothing about my rental requests! Be careful, Future Renters!!!

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          Excellent catch!  It has been recommended on this forum that travelers always call the owner's number on HA or VRBO just to be sure they are dealing with the actual owner (especially if you are getting a lowball price!).


          Hopefully the actual owner is taking the appropriate steps to secure their listing.



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            Well, I was not as smart as Aslau2001! I got scammed for $2700! Same situation as Aslau2001's but different bank numbers, business also called Over House Trades in London! Filed report with AG's office in my state. I will never use Homeaway.com again! The email link I used was from the Homeaway.com property listing! 2 lessons here: Wire transfer is red flag, and always speak to an actual person!