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    Damage deposit insurance warning

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      i have decided to use the damage deposit insurance instead of an actual damage deposit on my high end rental. I have just been told that its only available for american guests. This is causing me  a huge hassle as ive already informed several summer renters that they dont have to pay a dam/dep on the house and now it looks like i have to go back to them and ask for one as they are not americans (house is in canada) . In fairness to vrbo they are having someone look into it and i will hear back from them over the next few days. The problem is that the vrbo site doesnt make it clear that its only for american guests or foriegn guests in american rentals . Hopefully this will turn out wrong but after doing my digging on the CSA site (its listed under insurance coverage paragraph on the description sheet) it appears that its only for americans. If you are a non american landlord make sure you find out if this is true before going any farther with it, and end up having to ask your guests for more money. As a vrbo owner for over 10 years this is my first real hassle with the site, hopefully im wrong!! Anyone else run into this issue yet?