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    Bar Soap??

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      Trying to find a source for affordable quality bar soap (in small size) and quantities of 100 or less. I provide fresh/new hand/face and bath soaps for my guests, but the even the smallest size available in retail stores are too big...leaving much of the bar wasted after their stay. Any ideas?

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          Hi Nancy,


          You may wish to try buying online. While I have not purchased from Americanhotel.com, I have checked out their website and they sell individually wrapped soaps in .5, 1.0, and 1.5 oz bars. There are probably more options than that even. Of course you do have to buy a case, but that would be expected. Looks like a case is 300 or 600, can't imagine 300 tiny soaps would take up much room.


          I am not sure if I can post a link here, but here is the .5 ounce bar: http://www.americanhotel.com/Controller/controller2.aspx?R=P5TDRFS5http://


          Just an idea. I wouldn't know where else to look. I haven't seen these items at Sam's Club or anywhere else.

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            Hi Nancy,


            I get my soap from accentamenities.com the cases are 100 bars for less than $30.

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              I have small soap (and shampoo and bath salts) handmade and packaged. It is less than $2 per set. Here is a picture:


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                  Wow, that site accentamenities.com is great this is just what I have been looking for. Before we were buying various small sample size name brand soaps, lotions, shampoo etc from Amazon. Packing of the Accent products looks like good quality and love that they have the Eco-line too since our place has an enviro friendly theme to it. Thanks for sharing.

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                  Hi Nancy:


                  I have liquid hand soap in all bathroom sinks since bar soaps in sinks tend to be messy, two full rolls of toilet paper and two medium size bars of soap (1.5 oz - 45 grams) per shower, since most stays are 5 to 7 days. Stay away from very small soap bars for long stays. If you have short stays, a couple of 1 oz soap may be sufficient.


                  The quality and quantity of the soap is based on how you market your home, high end or middle, but avoid the cheap 0.5 oz bar (15 grams) as it gives the impression of a cheap motel, unless of course, you have a backpacker's B&B.


                  I also include a small hotel size bottle of shampoo (1.5 oz - 45 ml), as a courtesy, but not required.


                  Consider that most people travel far to the vacation home (fly or long drive) and will postpone grocery shopping until the next day, they need you to take care of their immediate toiletry needs.


                  People will not select your home based on the brand of the soap, but will certainly be upset if the toilet paper and the shower soap won't last the first day for the whole family.