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    Telemarketers from India

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      I'm new to Home Away and have already had two calls from "fake" property web sites in India in just one day. One is Travelehome and the other one is called "Always on Vacation". I checked the Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic for both sites and it is very low, therefore in addition to being pests, their claims of "millions of visits" are also false.


      Alexa said the following about Always on Vacation:


      "Alwaysonvacation.com's three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 44,613. The site has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Ghaziabad (#281), and while the site is ranked #16,658 in India"


      So I told them that as I am not expecting a rush for bookings from Ghaziabad anytime soon, I wasn't interested at this time...


      I was wondering whether to expect this type of calls often or not and what sort of action I can take to prevent these scammers from calling (aside from withdrawing my ad from Home Away altogether).


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          I too have had travelehome call me the day I posted our vacation rental, then two days later, and then three days later.  I have never hung up on anyone in my life, but I did hang up on this guy last Monday.  He is rude and will not listen.  I told him never to call my home again and that if we were interested in his rental site, we would contact him.  Today he called for the third time, and when my husband told him I was busy and could he help him, he said he HAD to speak with me.  After my husband hung up, I called the number on my call display and you can not speak to anyone, it is only a voice mail.  I left my name and number and told them never to call my home again, and if they do, I will be contacting the police again.  This man is so rude and so arrogant, I can not imagine anyone wanting to advertise on his site!  How many times has he harrassed you?

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              Oh yeah I get 'em.  From CL from here, anywhere your number is posted.


              You can thank GW for that as he passed a law that gave telemarketers permission to call cell phones. 


              Here's what I say and they have been off my case for a while:


              Me: Hello(realizing it's a solicitor)  "Did I call you?"


              Them: "No"


              Me: "If I didn't call you, you don't need to be calling me" 


              And they hang up at that point.  So, turn it around on them and they back off quick.


              I also say things like, please give me your home phone number and I will call you back at my convience, probably around 2 am your time.


              If you tell them that to take you off their call list, they are required to by law (however it's enforced though, who knows.).


              Anyway, I hope this helps!

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                Just received two calls from travelehome. First to remind me to update my calendar. Second to ask me to post another home with them. The calls have not stopped.




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                To answer your questions -- yes --  you can expect to get many "solicitations".   I don't want to be bothered by any phone solicitor, and I was getting many calls from "booking/reservation" software companies, advertising portal companies such as "Always On Vacation" and a few others that telemarket services to vacation rental businesses.


                I tried telling them that I wasn't interested....they just kept calling.


                Now, my phone contract includes a  'user ID' feature....so every time I get a solicitor calling -- it's 100% from other advertising sites including "Always On Vacation",  I "block" the number they used.   I never pick up to answer an 800# --- there is no use telling them to stop calling you.  Always On Vacation will pesist...they use   very aggressive telemarketing.  They used to phone my number several times a month.  They refused to respect my demand to stop calling!  So, I added the "caller ID" to my phone plan and now I BLOCK THEM ALL...any numer from a solicitor gets blocked!   "Blocking" the numbers has been a relief for us.