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    "I didn't receive your e -mail"

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      Does anybody else get this ?


      For Instance:-


      I get an e-mail from HomeAway which is an enquiry , usual  blue logo etc, which I know is good.


      I click the e-mail address and send back a  interim reply, availability cost etc.


      They reply to my e-mail addres via their e mail address, yes thats fine , how do we proceed etc.


      I reply via my e-mail address, send them covering letter and attach booking form , terms and conditions , instructions etc.


      Next e mail from them , they hav'nt received the booking form could I send it again,


      or my e mail is returned as System error , address not found or even one time " won't accept as abuse!"


      So I go to the original HomeAway e mail and forward rhe details via this e mail address link.


      and also through my personal e mail address through different system.


      Sometimes a reply sometimes not , What's going on?


      1. Are they fishing for a reduction on the original booking form, which they have received?

      2. Do they not look in their Junk mail or don't know what an atttachment looks like or how to open it?

      3. Is  their e mail server blocking the e mail as it dos'nt come from HomeAway?

      4. Just changed their mind and want to get out of it?


      I have someone who's made the effort to come back to me after  ten days after our first contact and is desparate to book , I am keeping the dates open for them, I have now resorted to asking them there address and sending the details by post, the old way.


      Constructive Ideas anyone..

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          Can't say as I've experienced this and can only hazard a guess that your email attachment is in an odd format or possibly too large for the server (theirs) to accept?  Perhaps, if they've added a phone number in their original enquiry you could give them a call to verify things?

          I'm frequently asked to send attached documents again (I tend to use ".doc" for everything I can as it's pretty universal) but I put this down to many people not keeping the original email thread or using iPods and Blackberries which maybe have limited space and 'downloadability'?  Not sure as I'm still using a phone with one of those large, circular, clicking dials!    But when I receive replies saying, "sent from my iPod" or similar, they tend to be very spartan and stripped to a minimum.

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            Hi Jenny, This is very old school but works!!!! When we get an enquiry we have decided that where a number exists, we always call them to discuss their enquiry. This really helps in building up the "human contact" and has lead to our best year for conversions. If you are in doubt google their name, see what comes up. Our viewpoint we would not let a total stranger into our holiday home without knowing a little something about them. The internet is wonderful but too many cunning tricksters exist. If you have doubts, ask them for their contact details eg name, address, contact number before sending any info. If they are genuine they will respond accordingly. Good Luck.

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                You've got me thinking there about 'first contact'...  I'd always tended to err on the side of emailing details so that the enquirer could read at his/her leisure and not feel any sort of 'hard sell', as I know this would be my preferred response if I were making the enquiry.  Of course, I understand that you're not advocating a 'hard sell', simply a little ice-breaker to establish some friendly dialogue and 'human contact'.

                And now, I think yours is the second post I have read saying that an initial call often results in more bookings and a greater 'conversion' rate, so I am intrigued and thinking about changing my ways in the future.  I wonder what others have to say on the subject?

                Thanks for bringing this up, particularly as a means to 'weed out' the bad seeds!

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                    Hi, I usually tend to reply via email - as previously mentioned, it gives the enquirer time to digest what you've written - but on occasion I have phoned the enquirer and it seems to be very much appreciated and often appears to cement a relationship more quickly. If a booking isn't converted straight away it does seem to convert eventually more often than not.

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                        I have resorted to telephoning as soon as I get an enquiry this year and I feel it works well with some people and I am sure a couple of my bookings have been because of the phone call.But I always follow it up with an email of what has been discussed on the phone  Just as a reminder ,I secured a two week booking over the weekend and was congratulated on my quick response so some people appreciate it while others who have enquired to umpteen different properties may not,  I think its one of those that you can't tell how it is going to go untill you get them on the phone and use your charm.

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                            I agree  - I tend to do this is people have several questions, an unusual enquiry or if it is unclear what they mean. You can get find out quickly, get more information from them and respond immediately without lots of long back & forth emails. It has often been this kind of contact that makes the difference when potential guests are not too sure what they want. They appreciate they you have made the effort to call them.

                            As has been mentioned, on our side is the benefit of getting to know a bit more about your customer and judging for yourself if this might be a timewaster or your instinct just says 'no'.

                            I also agree it is really important, for both sides, to follow up with an email confirming what you have agreed.

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                      Interesting you say this Jenny - I had a family from Moscow stay with us for a month last year...we've become 'friends' and keep in contact via our facebook page...she then told me that she's having a terrible time as no one through the HomeAway site is getting her enquiries...I today had through facebook another Russian lady that wants to book for next year asking if I have got her message and no I haven't and no record of them on Homeaway either...so what is going on ...is Russia blocked?


                      I have brought this up with London as soon as I heard from the original guest she was having problems...but was told eventually by CS not a lot anyone can do really!!


                      The Russian market is a good one for us all as there is no economic situation there & the well to do folk from Moscow like to get away for quite lengthy periods!