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    got scammed

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      March 2012 - Is anyone else getting scammed by false property manager communications after inquiry?

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          Are you a prospective Traveler and got scammed? Can you provide more information regarding the nature of it?


          What he said his name was?

          His Emai?

          Website domain where you saw the ad? Is it VRBO or HomeAway? Did you report it to their Support already (you should)?

          Communications between you and him that stood out or of particular interest?

          IP address of the bad guy? (or send me a private message about the complete email Extended Header information of the bad guy)



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              Yes, we were contacted in response following our enquiry via HomeAway site and despite then receiving HomeAway contracts etc it appears that we've been subject to scamming.

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                  It's still not clear to us what the nature of the scamming was, and whether it was just an attempt at a scam or whether you actually lost money.  There's currently a scam where the scammer gets access to an owner's email account and redirects inquiries to the scammer's email account, and then the scammer gets paid for a rental while the owner has never heard of you. 


                  If you suspect a scam, don't send any more money.  Call the owner at the phone # listed on the Homeaway website and ask if the email was legitimate.   If the owner wasn't the one who emailed you, alert the owner that his/her email may have been hacked. 


                  If you gave out your credit card, call your card company and dispute the charge.  If you sent a check, try to cancel it. 

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                    I have been advertising with Holiday Rentals, Home Away for the past 14 years. They are a great rental property advertising medium and I get lots of rental business for my apartment in Spain from them.

                    At the end of the day, when you look at the property page on their website, invariably there is a land line and mobile number for the owner of the property. PLEASE Pick up the phone and speak to them! We are normal people the same as you and we can make financial arrangements over the phone! You can send us a cheque! No need to go through what you have had to. We, as owners are happy to chat, advise, sell you the area and facilities and negotiate payment in the old fashioned way. If in doubt, pick up the phone! There’s no scammers at the end of my home phone number.

                    Lets have a chat! Property Number 6398 Costa del Sol Spain! We will make you and your family welcome.

                    Call me!