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    Facebook with calendar

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      I was interested in knowing if anyone has had any success in adding the availability calendar as a page on Facebook?  If you have, can you share how you did this?

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          I am trying to figure this out myself!

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            One word of caution with Facebook, if you accept the connection with Homeaway, it will install timeline in your facebook account. I don't know about you, but I decided not to install timeline and I am not conecting anything to facebook.


            I used to connect to Homeaway Community with facebook but when they changed this feature, I changed to a username and password from Homeaway to avoid the change. I just feel that facebook is too intrusive.


            My kid, an expert on facebook, tells me that facebook is making that anyone that accepts new apps automatically accepts timeline (it is in very fine print). Just one more non transparent policy from Mark Zuckerberg.